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EDISON_CFD (EDucation-research Integration through Simulation On the Net for Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a simulation-based online computational platform for the purpose of education and research in the field of fluid dynamics. It has been developed based on e-Science environment; thus, students and researchers can access various simulation programs and contents and share the computed results via internet, without the constraints of time and location. The environment is composed of a platform running services, and subjects such as simulation programs, education contents, and community service.



Fig. 1 Simulation program and contents in EDISON_CFD


EDISON_CFD places a high emphasis on education via computation/simulation, through which students are encouraged to obtain a deeper understanding on the physical principles and a capability to solve practical problems at undergraduate level. From the fall semester in 2011, more than 6,000 students at 56 universities have used EDISON_CFD in various undergraduate courses. Through regular feedbacks from students and teachers, the detailed functions, framework, and networking of EDISON_CFD are continuously improved. A variety of feedback and term-projects show that the usage of EDISON_CFD provides positive impact on developing students’ caliber and encouraging their interests in the area of fluid dynamics.



Fig. 2 Lectures using EDISON_CFD


EDISON_CFD Link (http://cfd.edison.re.kr)